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3 Young Startups Worth Keeping an Eye on

Technology has never stopped evolving, and as we keep getting closer to a much more modern age, many young startups have taken advantage of the innovative discoveries we have now.  In almost all industries such as fashion, consumer goods or FinTech, to name a few, there’s always a budding business out there looking to change the scene through better convenience and modernization. These young companies have products and services that no existing giants can offer and with their bright ideas and abilities, becoming the next big thing is a huge possibility.

My name is Ofir Bar, and I am a successful angel investor with extensive experience in real estate, startup technologies and digital marketing. Join me as we take a closer look at the young startups with promising futures ahead of them. 

All young startups all begin from one idea to another.

Kitopi: Kitchen. Operation. Innovation

The Food industry has been one of the top industries to benefit from the pandemic. As reported by CNN, this industry recorded $41.4 billion in funding alone during 2020 as people seek digital services much more often than usual. This alone kept kitchens busy from operations as food continues to fly out from restaurants of all kinds.

Kitopi found a solution that will help restaurants and small food businesses focus on marketing and operations without thinking about the hardships of getting supplies. It offers a cloud kitchen network, connecting orders from one client to another and gets it delivered as soon as possible to retailers, eateries or fast food joints.

Pleo: Company Credit Card Service

Frequently, several companies hand salaries through bank transfers which sometimes can take a few days before arrival. Since employees come and go, there’s an additional time to process bank accounts from closing to opening. Pleo seeks to minimize that process by making any business the bank itself.

Pleo offers a direct-to-employee credit card service with an all-around access feature, meaning that employees can use this to withdraw physical cash in any local bank while functioning as a credit card at the same time. This service gives companies a quicker way to hand salaries while keeping track of their digital spending, making fund investment much easier.

ButterCMS: A Headless CMS

Digital Marketing has become one of the important fundamentals of every business around. It’s almost a need for every establishment to have social media accounts, a well-programmed website and a functioning blog, to name a few. Especially in the modern age, having continuously updated digital media will help businesses advance further. And that’s where ButterCMS comes in.

Keeping your website updated requires a lot of work from both ends. Your marketing team might even come up with a daily or weekly update, and it will be a hassle to change content now and then. ButterCMS provides a content management system that helps businesses update their website without touching the back-end coding. It’ll help save time for your web development team while keeping digital marketing campaigns flowing now without thinking of time setbacks. 

With the right conditions, young startups will continue moving forward.

What about you?

While there are over a hundred potentials to cover, these small companies stood out for the right reasons. They have services and products that meet market demands and continue to develop despite the current pandemic’s setbacks. According to Forbes, the crises we currently face serve as incubators, and this situation is very much true for our chosen hopefuls. If they could continue to display promising developments in such tough times, what more once we get back to normal? 

If you ever have plans and ideas that you wish to materialize or evolve further into small businesses like these, I hope my examples gave you a touch of inspiration at least. So take advantage of the time to do exhaustive research and planning. Then, in just a nick of time, under the right conditions, you’ll find yourself in the same shoes as these young startups on the edge of becoming the next big thing.