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Should You Be Worried, if You Are Investing in the US?

You may have heard the recent news that Fitch, one of the major credit rating agencies, downgraded the USA’s credit rating from AAA to AA+. This news has already sent shockwaves throughout the world. But what does a lower credit rating mean? Is the panic justified? And if you invest in the US, should you […]

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Is this the time to invest in Brazil? 

A few months have passed since Brazil’s recent tremendous political earthquake: The local public opinion turned sharply in a completely different direction, and Brazil’s former president Luiz Da Silva (Lula) rose to power once again. Was this shift good for the Brazilian economy? The results speak for themselves: A few weeks ago, the Brazilian Bureau […]

grain investing

Is This The Time to Invest in Grain? 

It’s not a secret that the grain market is in distress these days. Ukraine, the ‘breadbasket of Europe’ is going through… some hard times, and does not produce grain as much as it used to. This causes prices to go wild all over the world. In addition, global warming also takes its toll on this […]

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