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Startups to Help You Stay Safe this Summer

Mid-summer high humidity and heat are a disastrous match. According to a report by USNews, this combo can cause serious illness and even death. People are increasingly looking to technology to improve their safety with summer kicking in.

I’m Ofir Bar. I have been keeping my eye open for interesting investments for two decades now, with a special interest in young startups that aim to make the world a safer place. I’m going to talk about several startups and technologies that can help you stay safe – and sane – this summer.

Before we do that, however, we must first identify the two most common summer risks.


Heat is the number 1 problem in summer, obviously. You not only want to, but also need to stay cool and there are traditional ways of doing that: wearing loose and light-colored clothing, taking multiple showers, wearing sunscreens, etc. However, a key component of staying cool during the summer months is to stay hydrated.

Sadly, most of us drink much less water than we’re supposed to on normal days, which only becomes worse in the hotter months. A properly hydrated body can solve a myriad of heat-related problems including fainting, stress, muscle pains and cramps, sweating, dry skin, and high body temperature. This is even more important if you’re exerting your body physically.

Swimming and Drowning

Swimming is very popular during the summer months, naturally. Taking a plunge into the water feels like a lifesaving experience. Except, it can turn out to be exactly the opposite. More people swimming directly translates to a higher risk of drowning. Every case is tragic, and it seems this year the numbers are especially high.

Swimming becomes a high-risk problem during the summer

How Startups Can Help You Avoid Summer Risks

Technology continues to improve our lives in so many ways, so why not help us fight the summer stress? There are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that can serve this purpose. The list is never ending, but here are a few interesting ones, worth your attention.

Trackers for Children

Summer breaks mean your child isn’t spending a large part of their day in school anymore – and therefore looking for ways to keep themselves busy. Trips to the movies or the pool (or a local water body), as well as sleepovers, increase during these months. This means you don’t always know where your kid is. That’s where trackers come in. 

Jiobit is a great example of a GPS tracker. This location monitor is an award-winning startup. The tracker is as small as a pebble, and includes a secure connection to the internet so you can always know where your kid is (and has been).

Hydration-tracking Smartwatches

It’s critical to make sure your body is properly hydrated during the summer months. Most of us think that we can keep up a good water intake, but that is easier said than done. It’s more than likely that you’re drinking much less water than recommended. 

Here, I suggest checking out a startup called Sixty. Sixty is a great hydration monitor. This personal wearable smartwatch has received the iF Design Award 2018, and it basically works just like a heart rate monitor – by measuring the hydration level of your skin. These wristbands do not come cheap, but hospitalization because of dehydration is more expensive at the end of the day.

Educational Screen Time

Summer breaks mean more screen time. Children love to play games or consume their favorite media. However, the best way to make the most out of the summer break is to have a little bit of educational screen time.

I don’t mean basic education here. I mean safety education. This is a great time to brush up the knowledge on citizenship, legal issues, cybersecurity, or staying safe from online predators. Kidproof School’s “At Home Alone” course is a great place to start. Your kids can interact with their engaging courses from almost any device, so it’s both time-filling and educational – two birds with one stone.

 Educational screen time in summer breaks