Startup and technology

Know Your Potential Customers – Innovation Also Has Its Limits 

Recently, Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy declared that this year he would invest even more capital in the company’s physical stores, even though these are not as successful as had been expected at first. This was one of the major blows that this e-commerce giant experienced in recent years, together with their failed endeavor of end-to-end […]

COVID-19 Startup and technology

The pandemic is not over. Here is how you can keep your work environment safe

As the pandemic continues sending shock waves all across the world, businesses struggle to keep their entire rosters healthy and functioning. Today, it’s common to hear about offices missing a few if not many of its employees, due to them being infected with COVID-19, or in quarantine. It seems this situation will remain with us […]

Real Estate Investing

All You Need to Know About NFTs

In the past year, non-fungible tokens – NFTs – have created such a buzz that can’t be ignored. Naturally, the initial reaction to the trend was to associate it with cryptocurrencies. Well, I wouldn’t blame anyone who has made that connection; the two have a lot in common. However, this assumption is mainly a result […]

Startup and technology

Startups to Help You Stay Safe this Summer

Mid-summer high humidity and heat are a disastrous match. According to a report by USNews, this combo can cause serious illness and even death. People are increasingly looking to technology to improve their safety with summer kicking in. I’m Ofir Bar. I have been keeping my eye open for interesting investments for two decades now, […]

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